Monday, May 7, 2012

Non Fiction

Bats! Furry Fliers of the Night is a joy to behold. School Library Journal praises this app, and Kirkus gave it a star. A 4+ rating is given by iTunes. Seven amazing chapters from Fliers with Fur, Bats of Many Kinds, and Bat Colonies plus more. The chapter on echolocation is stunning. The voice and sound effects can be turned off and on. The many interactive visual effects are amazing. The text is large enough to read, but not highlighted as read. However, a small portion of the text is not read aloud. The text is very informational and uses the correct terminology when needed. iPad only. Published by Story Worldwide. $3.99 (A) Expensive but well worth it.

The Strange and Wonderful World of Ants has a cool feature in which you can adjust the reading level from beginner to intermediate to advanced. The narration is only on the beginning level. The text is large. There is a little ant that looks so real crawling on the screen. When you click on him, you get a message from E.O. the ant. But the narrator does not read it aloud. The art is soft and a little erie. This book has a glossary, list of ant web sites, and ant books. Some reviewers critiqued this book harshly as it interprets the cooperative lifestyle of the ant. However it is a very informative lightly interactive app and well worth the price. iPad only. Published by Amos Latteier. $1.99 (aa)


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