Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Inexpensive Book apps

From time to time I will add apps that will go on all the idevices that are free or inexpensive. There are universal apps that will go on the iphone for $.99. If you have an ipad or itouch you can also install it on those devices. Sometimes the app is exactly the same as one that is on the ipad, but a lot less expensive. If you install an iphone or itouch app on your ipad it will come up as smaller, but at the bottom is a 1x or 2x that you can make it much bigger almost the same size as the iPad app for which you could have paid $3.99.

The icon says Bella the Great, but the title is Bella Goes Bump in the Night. It has a read to me and read to myself section. It is rated 4+ as it is a story about those imaginary monsters that show up in the dark of night. Each page is a short rhyme and the illustrations show creatures such a minotaurs, sea monsters, or vampire bats. No sound effects or animation. The pages look exactly like photocopy of a hard bound book. The creatures make it a fun little story. Published by Gramercy Consultants. $.99. (RR)

Hildegard Sings for iphone. Also works on the ipad. Music and sound which can be turned off and on. It is also rated 4+ probably because of the topic which is opera. Has a read to myself and read to me section, but words are not highlighted as read.  Hildegard has a problem singing which is fixed with an amusing idea.  For a Hippo, Hildegard has a certain amount of charm. This app has light amusing animation and will delight many young readers. Kirkus Star. Published by One Hundred Robots. $.99. (A)


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